Happy Holidays, friends! This is my favorite time of the year, not only because Mike and I both have pretty big families and we get to spend lots of time with them during the holiday season, but I love giving gifts. Is anyone else in my boat? Finding that perfect gift for your mom, best friend, husband, or boss is such a great feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I love an Amazon gift card just as much as the next person, but it really lights me up when someone opens your gift and it’s just so perfect for them.

Starting on December 13th, I’m going day-by-day discussing some of my favorite thoughtful, eco-conscious gifts for those special people in your life. Follow along on Instagram with #12DaysOfGifting, or keep reading to get all the 12 days at once! (Were you the kid that peeked at your gifts before Christmas morning??) Let’s jump in!

DAY 1: HUM Nutrition Vitamins

I had to start my gift-giving list with these babies because, if you know me at all, you know how incredibly helpful I believe the right supplement(s) to be. You also know that I love good packaging design, and this brand knocks it out of the park. Everything is so colorful! How could you not love taking your vitamins every day when they are this cute?! HUM supplements are gluten-free, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced, and make it super easy to choose your best fit. The website is broken out by concern (hair + nails, cleanse + detox, dry skin, etc.) but there is also an option to take a 3 minute quiz if you’re totally stumped and need some further direction. Although I’m not partial to gummy vitamins simply because of the high sugar content, their gummies are sweetened with Evaporated Cane Juice and Tapioca Syrup, rather than HFCS or some other artificial sweetener. Another plus? HUM Nutrition sells daily pre-packed supplements to help with a specific concern. Easy peasy!

DAY 2: Healthy Human Tumbler

I don’t know where I’d be without my Healthy Human tumblers. The hype about these water bottles and tumblers is definitely true. Let’s start off with their mission, which is so crucial when I buy (and get hooked on) a product – “We believe that by mindfully focusing on our hydration we can dramatically transform our own well-being while eliminating unneeded waste at the same time.” Think about how much plastic is thrown out every time we grab a water bottle from the store. More than 8 million tons of plastic is polluting the planet today, and the scary part? It’s not going anywhere. It will be around forever. Not only do these guys have a great mission behind the success of their brand, but the product itself is amazing. Water stays cold, literally for days, and my coffee stays warm for my entire morning yoga class. I’ve also been packing some bone broth for my husband when he has crazy days, and it says nice and warm for him until lunch. The Insulated Tumbler is my favorite, and comes with a stainless steel straw – always a plus! They’ve also added a ton more colors, so you can have a cold beverage all day and look good while drinking it! ūüėČ

DAY 3: Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

If there was only one supplement that I could take, it would 100% be collagen. Collagen is the vital building block of our bodies including skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints. Our bodies can’t synthesize enough collagen on their own, and our diets today contain minimal collagen. Some of the amazing benefits of collagen are glowing skin, improved joint health, bone strength, improved digestion, gut health, and better sleep. Vital Proteins has been my go-to brand for years now, and focuses on helping people feel better and live fuller lives through whole-food-based nutrition. Their goal is to help you feel your best, give your best, and look your best. Their peptides are all natural and minimally-processed. My favorite way to include collagen into my daily routine is in my coffee! I put 1 scoop every morning in my coffee and top it with some cinnamon. I’ve also been sneaking it into my husband’s cup too, and he can’t taste anything different!

DAY 4: Mala Prayer Mala Beads

Mala Prayer is a company that really stands by their mission of empowering women around the world. All sales made through Mala Prayer will provide female entrepreneurs with a microfinance loan, which they can invest in their business, home or community. Learn more about the Mala Cares program. Sustainably handcrafted, Mala Prayer beads are designed specifically to use different stones’ healing properties to support your journey. I also love the section on their website that gives you some more background on mala beads and how to choose your beads, activate them, choosing your mantra, and using the beads in your daily practice. Mala beads are so important to my daily meditation, I know you’ll love them too!

DAY 5: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

2017 was a big year for mushrooms and adaptogens. These powerhouse mushrooms have tons of amazing¬†health benefits for immunity, energy, and longevity that have been studied for centuries. Four Sigmatic, believes in the real magic of functional mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane, as well as other superfoods and adaptogens like rhodiola, eleuthero, and schisandra to help us live healthier, more enhanced lives. I’ve been swapping my daily cup of coffee for their¬†Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps for over a year and the benefits have been amazing. Improved digestion, clearer mind, and¬†way¬†less anxiety. If you have a friend who is getting into the mushroom trend, this is the perfect gift!

DAY 6: Branch Basics All Purpose Cleaner

It can be tough to convince grandma to move past her bleaching habits around the house. In fact, one of my best friends vowed to never give up bleaching her bathroom with straight up Clorox. Hey, to each their own. But if you know someone who really¬†needs to break their toxic cleaning addiction, Branch Basics is the way to go. The thought behind the brand is so aligned with my own – toxic chemicals in our every day lives can truly affect our health. And as they put it so eloquently “everyone cleans”!¬†Trying to get someone to switch over to safer home cleaning products is (in most cases) much easier than trying to talk them into cutting their sugar addiction. I’d recommend starting out with the Starter Kit,¬†which has everything you need for cleaning your home, doing laundry, and washing your hands and body!

DAY 7: Primally Pure Skin Care

My first experience with Primally Pure was the deodorant. This was my first true non-toxic deo love! I had heard so much about them through various podcasts and bloggers that I follow, I knew with all of the glowing reviews, I needed to try ASAP. It was love at first swipe. Primally Pure stands behind their products efficacy, and uses organic, fair-trade, real ingredients found in nature, locally sourced hydrosols (hooray for no irritating synthetic fragrances!) glass jars/bottles, and bpa-free plastic tubes. Win after win in my book! I love that we get to know the founder through their social media accounts, and I really do think transparency is key to the success of this brand. If you’re unsure where to start, I’d suggest going for the Starter Kit, which includes a sampling of their best-sellers. This brand doesn’t disappoint!

DAY 8: Highwood Home Print

Katie is a good friend of mine (we met working on the Product Development team at Birchbox almost 4 years ago!) and has since made the move to opening her own home goods online shop! She is so talented and has such a great eye for rustic, farmhouse design. Her Instagram feed is one of my favorites to scroll through… all the heart eyes! This holiday season, Katie teamed up with Paper Kate Design to create some really stunning prints for the home. What makes this even easier? They’re digital, so you can print and frame as you please! A super inexpensive way to get your home in the holiday spirit.

DAY 9: Thrive Market Subscription

Thrive Market is a true gem. I am so so happy that I found this company 3 years ago. My life has been made exponentially easier shopping with Thrive Market – I want to spread the word and gift everyone I know a subscription! Your first 30 days are free, and for the remainder of the year, a subscription is only $59.95. Bonus: when you subscribe, you also sponsor a membership for a low-income family! How amazing is that? By cutting out the middle man, Thrive Market ensures that you’re saving 25-50% off of retail from your traditional store. I can’t speak highly enough about this company!¬†I especially love that you can shop by values – non-GMO, gluten free, sustainably sourced, etc. Go gift a subscription today!

DAY 10: Silicone Cupcake Liners

This is the perfect little gift for a co-worker or teacher. Keeping it under $10, and being able to save the planet every cupcake you make?! I’m in. Reducing waste was a big family goal for us in 2017, and we tried it all. Re-usable silicone cupcake liners ranked at the top of my list for easiest transition. I’m a muffin-a-holic, so I can confidently say that this eliminated a ton of waste over the past year.

DAY 11: RMS Lip2Cheek

RMS was one of the first natural beauty brands I tried, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Their Lip2Cheek is a great way to get someone close to dip their toes into ingredient-conscious beauty that actually performs. My go-to shade? Smile ūüôā RMS has a really extensive page on their website that details all of the ingredients in their products and the claims they make. I don’t know about you, but I’m super appreciative when a brand is so open and transparent about what goes into their formulas.

DAY 12: Jade Yoga Mat

Have an eco-conscious yogi in your life that appreciates high quality mats? Jade is an amazing company that is run by a former lawyer for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. There is absolutely no question that making eco-friendly yoga products is their number one priority! When made right, natural rubber is both the most eco-friendly and best performing yoga mat you can get. I’ve been using my Jade mat for over 2 years now and it’s the only mat I’ve ever used that has held up to my hot classes, beach classes, and at-home yoga sessions with my dog. They also have a bunch of charities and organizations that are close to their heart, so with every purchase, you are doing a lot of good.

Do you have any other go-to gifts for your loved ones? I’d love to hear!