The Shift Beauty Blog was created as an offshoot of the regulatory firm Shift Beauty Consulting, with the vision that the consumer should be getting the same information that brands are receiving.

I take my 7+ years of professional beauty industry experience formulating and launching best-selling beauty products, and provide the most relevant information about all of your beauty concerns. With my background in regulatory affairs and compliance, I can guide you through the sea of marketing geniuses touting the latest fad, in order to help you make more informed beauty decisions.

I have worked with over 200 beauty brands through all aspects of product development and regulatory affairs –  getting skin care brands out of awful and confusing FDA messes, helping beauty startups properly label their packaging in order to distribute to a customer base in the EU, and ensuring cosmetics were properly registered and labeled in order to ship to Canadian customers. In time, I’ve come to realize that all of this nitty gritty information is being passed along “behind the scenes”, but the consumer isn’t aware of, or educated around it. This type of direct-to-consumer information doesn’t exist anywhere else!

My goal has always been to inform and educate small-to-medium sized beauty brands that don’t have the capacity to staff a full time regulatory team. After seeing so much success with this mission, I’ve decided to take the next step and hand this information over to YOU, the consumer! I believe in the importance of being informed when buying beauty not solely from the list of influencers you follow, but from someone who works in and understands the beauty industry.

Want to work with me?

I partner with brands and influencers on projects both large and small. There are many ways we can work together, and I would love to discuss any project you might have in mind! Feel free to reach out either here or by email at