An industry built on marketing claims.

The beauty and personal care industries are saturated with never-ending mountains of pretty packaging and misleading claims with the definitive goal to make you purchase. Our minds can so easily get twisted…

In most cases, we’re very fortunate to have the beauty industry to help us build self-confidence or to help us frame our best features, but many companies do not always have your best interest in mind. In some cases, specific issues are created (ahem, soften your underarms?) just so they can present you a reason to buy their product.

Don’t get taken advantage of! Shift Beauty will help you – the everyday beauty consumer – weed through all of the muck in order to become more educated and well-informed when making beauty or personal care purchases.

You don’t have to be a green beauty queen, or non-toxic guru to care about what products you’re buying. Ingredients are important! Ingredients are what makes a product effective, not the claims written on the box.